My motto : “I believe that buying a DStrap should be a great experience and a true gift to yourself!”


DStrap originated in 2009 from a bit of frustration!

When I purchased my first Panerai 24mm watch strap from a local jewellery store, the strap came in a crumpled bag and I had to pay no less than 90 euro. It did not feel anything like buying myself a nice present.

The strap mentioned “Water resistant”. However, when cleaning the strap with some water, the leather shrunk and the push pins became visible.

Angry but mostly disappointed I returned to the jewellery store and got a new strap, however not before having to listen to a long “sermon”: ‘Why on earth did you clean the strap with water??’

After this experience I sat down at the kitchen table and came up with the idea of DStrap. I still see my wife smiling when I told her I would start making watch straps: I did not have any experience!

Most important was my belief that buying a watch strap should be a really nice experience in itself.

The concept: a true gift experience, authenticity, originality, hand made and packed in an cool box of (again handmade) craft paper!

After a long period of cutting baseball gloves, all leather belts in the house, shoes and lots, lots of practice, the first real DStrap came to life back in 2009!

DStrap delivers hand made watch straps to a large group of regular customers (private and business-to-business) all around the globe.