Measuring guide

Accurately measuring your wrist size is essential to finding the perfect watch band that fits comfortably and looks great on your wrist. By following these simple steps and referring to our sizing chart, you can ensure that you buy the right size band for your wrist. Of course you also can measure the dimensions of your beloved current watch band.

Measure Your Wrist:
The following steps will help you accurately measure your wrist:

- Take a piece of string or a flexible measuring tape and place it around your wrist, making sure it's snug but not too tight.
- Hold the ends of the string or measuring tape together and match them to a ruler or a measuring tape.
- Note down the measurement in centimeters.

What Size Should You Buy?
Once you have measured your wrist size, you should consult our sizing chart to determine which size band fits best.Based on your wrist size, select the appropriate size band that matches your measurement.

Tips for Accurate Measurement:
Here are some tips to keep in mind while taking your wrist measurement:
- Try to measure your wrist when it's relaxed and not bent upward or downward.
- Keep the measuring tool steady and smooth while taking the measurement to avoid errors.
- Compare your wrist measurement to the size chart to get the correct size band.

Lug width - watch 
This is the space between the lugs of your watch, were the strap attached is to the watch.

Width buckle 
When you like a tapered DStrap you choose a smaller width than “Lug width - watch”, such as, for example 20 - 18mm.

Stitching type
We have two types of stitching method for you to choose from, which are are “open” and “box” (see photo’s!)