Press release: Ace Jewelers and DStrap launches ProjectSeven: handmade Dutch limited edition watch straps.

Amsterdam, March 26 2014 – Ace Jewelers has collaborated with Dutch artisan strap maker DStrap for an exclusive collection of watch straps. The straps are made by hand in limited numbers and are made to fit watches by SevenFriday. The first series is available starting March 26, 2014. The name of the collection is ProjectSeven.

Alon Ben Joseph, Co-CEO Ace Luxury Group: “A new strap can completely change the look of a watch. It is an easy and fun way to add a personal touch to your watch. Replacement straps for SevenFriday however are hard to find due to the unusual size. We thus decided to ask the most famous strap maker from the Netherlands to help us design a collection of special, handmade straps. Each addition to the collection will be limited to seven pieces as a tribute to the SevenFriday brand.”

These DStraps are highly limited to Seven and only available at the Ace on-line store:

SevenFriday DStrap Ace


SevenFriday DStrap Ace_1


SevenFriday DStrap Ace_2



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