Welcome to the DStrap homepage My name is Olaf Lugten and I create watch straps with passion. DStrap is a Netherlands based one man business. All my straps are hand and tailor made to your specifications. As such, every DStrap is authentic, unique and completely customized. Handmade is really handmade. Cutting, stitching, everything from A to Z is carefully prepared by hand.All leathers are chosen with great care. Next to working with the best leather hides available, I re-uses vintage army ammunition bags, belts, bags etc. to create unique watch straps. Even clients’ old boots or beloved sneakers can be turned into stunning DStraps! I would be happy to answer any questions you have: e-mail Olaf – DStrap, phone +31 640167840, WhatsApp or Facebook. With best regards, Olaf You can read here how it all started