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Special vintage DStrap Vintage 1960 X

Handmade and triple folded, with black layer, handmade steel vintage sewn in buckle and finished with a golden stitch! The natural patina on this leather is amazingly awesome.

The last two photo shows the natural patina after wear over more than 6 weeks intensively (swimming, hiking etc.!)
This DStrap Vintage 1960 X is made with traditional craftsmanship leather techniques.

Panerai produced the 6152 Panerai watch also for the Italian navy. Nowadays there are still a couple of these vintage master piece watches with original weathered vintage straps. This DStrap was inspired and based on these master pieces with their vintage straps. An original triple folded strap!

A great example of this vintage watch produced by Panerai for the italian state police divers you can find here: 61521-panerai-made-for-italian-state-police-divers/

Delivery schedule 6 up to 8 weeks

If your size is not available, please send us a message at info@dstrap.com

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