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DStrap article in Dutch Esquire Strap Maker

Nice article Dutch Esquire about a Dutch strap-maker ?? Dutch only… Je herkent de ware liefhebber [...]

B-Uhr WWII watch Laco / Lange strap

Received these photo’s from DStrap customer This strap was special made for his B-Uhr WWII [...]

B&R Heritage 0192 DStrap

Custom made for one of my watches the Bell & Ross 0192 Heritage

Baseball glove 2009 vs 2016

Baseball glove 2009 vs 2016 It has been a long journey One of my first [...]

DStrap Skulls edition

Custom made watch strap 24mm and 22mm DStrap Skulls edition  | Handtooled carving straps | [...]

Replacement strap IWC Ingenieur

Replacement strap IWC Ingenieur used the old steel inserts of the oem donor strap IWC [...]

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