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TW Steel Tom Coronel Maxxis Watch strap DStrap

First there was a tyre…and after, it became a DStrap! Made for Tim Coronel Dakar [...]

Tim Coronel and Tom Coronel vs DStrap vs TW Steel

Be bold, wear a DStrap! Like Tim Coronel and Tom Coronel Photo Tim Coronel by TW [...]

Tom Coronel wearing his cork DStrap

Live from Marrakech 2016 Grand Prix FIA WTCC Tom wearing his TW Steel snapped on [...]

TW Steel DStrap and Tom Coronel

TW Steel, DStrap and Tom Coronel! More to come…..

Tom Coronel wearing a DStrap

Handed over special made DStrap to Tom Coronel (and his brother Tim) for his special [...]

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