Vintage Panerai 1960 series





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Special vintage strap made for collectors the “Vintage Panerai 1960 series”

Made from a fine vegetable tanned leather hide and aged with traditional craftsmanship leather techniques. Panerai produced the 6152 Panerai watch also for the Italian police divers. Nowadays there are still a couple of these vintage master piece watches with original weathered vintage straps.

This DStrap was inspired and based on these master pieces with their vintage straps.

A great example of this vintage watch produced by Panerai for the italian state police divers you can find here: 61521-panerai-made-for-italian-state-police-divers/

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110mm x 70mm, 115mm x 75mm, 125mm x 75mm, 135mm x 75mm, 135mm x 80mm, 145mm x 80mm, 155mm x 80mm, 145mm x 85mm, 150mm x 85mm, 155mm x 85mm

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18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm

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Off White, Coffee crème (like on photo, Yellow, Black


Stainless Steel screw Pre V 20mm, Stainless Steel screw Pre V 22 mm, Stainless Steel screw Pre V 24 mm, Stainless Steel screw Pre V 26 mm, Stainless Steel screw Pre V 28 mm, GPF Stainless Steel 24mm, GPF Stainless Steel 26mm